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Attention to our international students


Within the framework of the Turkish Statistics Law No. 5429 The Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), organizes research on various topics during certain periods in order to determine the changes in the economic and social structure of our country and announces the results to the public. 
In this perspective, an "Educational Tourism Questionnaire" will be conducted in cooperation with TUIK and the Higher Education Council (YÖK) in order to compile the profile (age, gender, educational status) of foreign students studying in Turkey and their expenditures in Turkey. 
This study aims to measure the international education services, which occupy an important place in the economy of our country. With the Educational Tourism Survey, your expenditures in Turkey for the months of "January, February and March 2022" will be compiled under subheadings. 
The information compiled with the above-mentioned survey is for statistical purposes only and the confidentiality of the information is guaranteed by the Turkish Statistical Law No. 5429. This information cannot be shared with any administrative, judicial or military body, authority or person and can only be used for statistical purposes. 
The research on educational tourism will start on July 06, 2022. You will need to download the mobile survey application from the link https://anket.tuik.gov.tr/tr/kayit/egitim-turizmi-anketi/ and fill in the corresponding question form. The deadline for completing the survey is 15 days. 
A reminder email will be sent to your email address for you to complete the survey. 
Thank you for the sensitivity you will show in filling out the form.


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