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The economic, social and cultural development of a country is related to the presence of qualified and educated individuals in that country. The vision of the anesthesia program is a to train anesthesia technicians who are able to adapt to changing health conditions, have problem solving skills, are productive, have high communication skills, are prone to teamwork, are equipped with professional skills capable of using technological tools and materials, and know social responsibilities that attach importance to human health and ethical values. Also the graduates can prepare the patient, anesthesia devices and drugs for anesthesia applications in the field of anesthesia and reanimation, can perform general anesthesia applications within the scope of its responsibilities, can monitor the patient during anesthesia, can take the necessary precautions by recognizing the complications that may develop in the patient, will contribute to the field of health services by educating individuals who monitor and evaluate the patient and who develop themselves by following professional developments. The duration of the Anesthesia Program, which will start accepting students starting from the 2018-2019 academic year, is 2 (two) years. Students who take basic medical sciences courses along with professional courses in the first year have a compulsory summer internship at the end of this year. In the second year, they will take professional practice courses at our hospitals. In addition, students are prepared for life with elective courses in social and cultural fields. Our goal is to train and employ health technicians who are fully equipped in their profession, who have attitude in their professional life, who have high communication skills, respect for ethical values, are prone to team work, can solve problems.

Admission to the college; TC. Selection, placement and examination results organized by the Assessment, Selection and Placement Center(ÖSYM) in that academic year and the procedures and principles determined by the Council of Higher Education.

Students who are eligible to register for the Anesthesia Program are those who have completed secondary education or have received an equivalent education abroad and have achieved the required score in the national university exam or who have transferred from another higher education institution. For the academic recognition of these students' past studies, the Higher Specialization University Associate and Bachelor's Degree Education and Examination Regulations and Transfer Regulations are the basis.

After graduation from Anesthesia Associate Degree Programs, as a result of Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS), it is possible to study in the programs of Emergency and Disaster Management, Nursing, Nursing and Health Services.

In the anesthesia associate degree program; Various assessment methods such as midterm, homework, exercise, project, professional practice, summer practice and final exam are applied. Written exams, multiple choice exams, oral exams homework, internship performances and course presentations can be used in the evaluations. In order to graduate from the program, the weighted grade point average must be at least 2.00. The grade of a course is determined as a result of the evaluation of the above elements and given as a letter. Letter grades and the coefficient of each grade are given below.

Success Grade    Coefficient
AA    4,00 Successful
BA    3,50 Successful
BB    3,00 Successful
CB    2,50 Passing
CC    2,00 Passing
DC    1,50 Conditional Passr
DD    1,00 Unsuccessful
FD    0,50 Unsuccessful
FF    0,00 Unsuccessful


The students who get one of the grades (AA), (BA), (BB), (CB) and (CC) are considered successful. In addition, a student with a grade point average of at least 2.00 for a semester / year is considered successful in the courses in which he / she received a semester / year (DC) grade.

The student should not have DD, FD or FF grades from all courses in the program, respectively. Students who take one of these grades must take this course again and be successful in this course. Students who have succeeded in all of the courses by following the education shown in the school curriculum, have completed all the studies and 120 ECTS in the Higher Education Specialized Education Education and Examination Directive; he is deemed to have completed his education and is given an associate's degree and diploma supplement of the School's Anesthesia Program.

The graduates who complete the two-year education receive the title of est Anesthesia Health Technician ile with associate degree.

Graduates of this program can work in institutions and hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Health, health units affiliated with SSK and other public institutions, special education and operating in hospitals that specialize in their fields, private hospitals and medical centers.

Upon successful completion of the Anesthesia Program;will be able to:

1. Evaluate and apply the knowledge gained from basic theoretical and practical courses supported by visual and objective sources, including lecture notes, application tools and materials including applications in the field of anesthesia.

2. Perform all the steps of general anesthesia, recognizes the complications that may develop and intervenes.

3. Use standardized equipment for monitorized patient care, sedo / analgesia applications, non-operating room anesthesia applications, patient preparation and follow-up.

4. Inform the patient during the anesthesia applications, the patient is aware of the follow-up of vital functions and records of anesthesia forms and records regularly.

5. As an individual working in the field of anesthesia, he / she acts in accordance with the laws, regulations and legislation related to his / her duties and responsibilities and adheres to ethical values in the sense of responsibility of team work.

6. Perform patient assessment, material and drug preparation and monitoring procedures before anesthesia application

7. Have the ability to prepare patient and equipment in regional blocks, to assist the interventions and to follow the patient. .

8. Perform safe anesthetic and analgesic applications in the presence of co-morbid diseases and special types of surgery.

9. Perform the control, protection, maintenance, preparation and use of devices and equipment used in anesthesia and analgesia applications.

10. Demonstrate awareness, approach and application skills in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

11. Intervene in special situations and emergency approaches that may develop in reanimation and provides safe patient transport.

12. Be aware of lifelong learning of knowledge, skills and competencies to develop himself / herself personally and professionally.

Head of the Program


Contact: kubraaymelek@yiu.edu.tr

Program Coordinators

Lecturer Emel KÜLEKCİ
(Coordinator of 1st Classes)

Lecturer Bircan KOLÇAK
(Coordinator of 2nd Classes)

(Internship Coordinator)


2018-2019 Eğitim Öğretim Yılı 2. Sınıf Bahar Yarıyılında Mesleki Uygulama dersini alan bütün öğrenciler;

1. Ders Kayıt Döneminde Yüksek İhtisas Üniversitesi Öğrenci İşleri Bilgi Sisteminden Mesleki Uygulama derslerini seçip, onay vereceklerdir. 
2. Aşağıdaki formlar bilgisayar ortamında 2'şer nüsha olarak doldurulacaktır.


3. Tüm öğrencilerin SGK'dan veya e-devlet şifresi ile (https://www.turkiye.gov.tr) adresinden Müstahaklık belgesi almaları gerekmektedir.

Stajını tamamlayan öğrenciler;

4. Staj süresince yapmış oldukları iş ve işlemleri kapsayan staj raporlarını ve staj karnesini, staj eğiticisi-yürütücü tarafından doldurulduktan sonra, 
stajın bitiminden itibaren bir hafta içerisinde, Yüksekokul Müdürlüğüne, ağzı ilgili işyerine ait kaşe ve imzayı taşıyan kapalı zarfla imza karşılığı teslim ederler.



• T.C. kimlik fotokopisi
• Müstehaklık Belgesi
• 2 Adet Vesikalık Fotoğraf


Yaz Stajı yapacak bütün öğrencilerin,

1- Yaz Stajı yapmak istedikleri sağlık kurumlarını …/…/2019 tarihine kadar Staj Uygulama Koordinatörüne bildirmeleri,
2- Aşağıdaki formları bilgisayar ortamında 2’şer nüsha doldurmaları,


3- Yaz Stajı Formu'nu staj yapacakları kuruma mutlaka onaylatmaları,
4- Tüm öğrencilerin SGK'dan veya e-devlet şifresi ile (https://www.turkiye.gov.tr) adresinden Müstahaklık belgesi almaları gerekmektedir.

Stajını tamamlayan öğrenciler;

5- Staj süresince yapmış oldukları iş ve işlemleri kapsayan staj raporlarını, staj devam çizelgesini ve staj karnesini, 
staj eğiticisi-yürütücü tarafından doldurulduktan sonra, stajın bitiminden itibaren bir hafta içerisinde, Yüksekokul Müdürlüğüne, 
ağzı ilgili işyerine ait kaşe ve imzayı taşıyan kapalı zarfla imza karşılığı teslim ederler.


Yaz Stajı 20 (yirmi) iş günüdür. 
Yaz Stajı Başlama Tarihi: ...../...../2019
Yaz Stajı Bitiş Tarihi: ...../...../2019


- T.C. Kimlik Fotokopisi
- Müstahaklık Belgesi

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